Constructed Narratives NOTE: Opportunities arise in documentation to review, redefine, transform, print and re-work. Most of these images represent --or are a part of --multiples in a series or 'construction' --and each image in the constructions can be reproduced (10" x 10") or essentially, re-drawn. Such drawings will be signed when the prints are re-worked with pencil and chalks to further define and/or deepen affective impression.

The Inclusiveness within the Shaped Transparency of Thought

Under Construction
(More titles will soon have active links)

- 'Book' - (Narrative cycles evolving shapes; a 1991 exploration in line and form, in wonder and history.) - Pencil sketches, computer generated graphics, and photos on cut and finished shapes of flat balsa wood, ca. 7" H x 2-7" D x 5-36" L adjustable.

- '
Under the Sea'' - (The architecture of a safe haven might rest within the buoyant sea with thoughts that light the current running through) - An exploration of a staged painted wood construction with digital imagery including the drama of space explorer arriving at the horizon of the inner screen - Pine Wood, oil paint, Graphics, crayon, metal clips, Mirror - Actual construction approx. 14" L x 14" w x 12" H.

- 'Fishing Stream' - (In a level swarth of pool along the stream --the reflections of spinning leaves fall) - Pine, rope, oil paint, crayon - Actual construction approx. 48-55" L x 4-7" W and adjustable.

- 'Song' - ("Au bois il y a un oiseau, son chant vous arrête et vous fait rougir . . . . ." - Rimbaud) - In Pine Wood, oil paint, suet container - Approx. 8-20" H x 3-5" W.

- 'Beyond the Horizon'' - (Along the shore and further where the clouds go) - Pine Wood, oil paint, crayons - Actual construction approx. 12" x 8".

- 'Race Course' - (In one's element) - Wood, oil paint, crayons, wire, plastic - Actual construction approx. 28" T x 14" W x 3-5".

- 'Out Walking' - approx. 3" x 8" x 5" - (Within the view expanding, the bright daylight and the leaves drifting along the current of the air) - Wood and oil paint - Actual construction approx. 12" x 12".

- 'Testamonial' - approx. 3" x 8" x 5" - (In line with why and less of the what may be) - Clay, Acrylic, Gold Leaf.

- 'A Time and Place' - approx. 8" x 8" x 1" - (Notice that the weather changes here and we are more or less buoyant and refreshed) - Wood, oil paint, crayons - Actual construction approx. 12" x 12".

- 'Next' - (An interest in accumulated and sometimes constructed elements in visual relationships as adjustable material --as in heart-felt and sometimes fragmented phrases, vowels, accents) - Oil on wood, pencil drawing, computer-generated graphic, and found object. Actual construction approx. 8-20" W x 12-20" L x 1-10" H interactive and adjustable.

- 'View from the Garden' - ("More than the Verbal Argument . . . . ") - Wood, oil paint - Actual construction approx. 8-14" x 8-16" x 1-8".

- 'In the Current Streaming' - (Sheaves of colored light in transparency --the fish delight) - Wood, oil paint, crayons, metal - Actual construction approx. 8-14" x 8-16" x 1-8".

- 'Consonants' - (And questions) - Wood, oil paint, crayons, metal - Actual construction approx. 8" x 16" x 4".

- 'Tracking' - (The deer lay in the deep snow up on the ridge . . . . in a blizzard) - Paper, crayons, graphite - approx. 2" H x 4-16" L x 4-8" W.

- 'Noah' - (Along the shore) - Wood, oil paint, crayons - Actual construction approx. 20" L x 5" W x 8" H.

- 'Charioteer' - (Inheritance, reference, thought, understanding . . . . . ) - Digital print, graphite, crayons.

- 'Transparency' - (Dimensions in planes of line and color) - Paper, crayons, interleaving, wood, glass.

- 'Transitions' - (The smudge of the colored crayon in shape or fine line, edge of a sheaf --pattern of the rug / many layers) - Paper, crayons, interleaving, wood, glass.

- 'Visit' - (Paris in February 1998. "The width of the walk at the bank to the high wall that rises to the route . . . . ") - Photographs, illustrations, found objects with interleaving and text on pumpkin pine within clear glass shapes - Six scores with over 100 images --like notes. Each constructed interval of some 20 images or more approx. 10" long x 8" wide x 3" thick and adjustable.

- 'Olympics' - (A keen interest to attend in the moment --to record spirit as instance and expression. It was challenging to fine tune impressions and improvise along with rapidly changing activities on the television screen. And, it was essential to draw upon one's own resources and often, for lack of recourse in the instant, to innovate.) - Pen drawings with highlights in pastel chalks on paper shapes - Actual images approx. 4" x 7".

- 'Spatial Intervals' - (Improvisation, an Eternity) - Digital Prints, Wood, Glass - Actual construction of about 250 digital prints of the drawings enclosed in transparent plastic containers, each approx. 8" x 8" x 3".

- 'Discovery' - (Drawing from the world with photo sketches, crayons and pencil 2000-2004) - Colored sheaves of paper, crayons, graphite in two chapters of 30 images each.

- 'Stories' - (More to share of lives from the Celestrial Mountains to the Desert Planes, from Grace to the Uninhibited - a series of digital drawings wondering at courses through time and place.) - Actual printed digital drawings & text framed 14" x 14".

- 'Exactly' - "Of course", "Yes", "Just fine", "Pourquoi pas?", "Es Posible", "And You?", "You go first!" - Digital drawings in rich tones printed on opaque sheaves, exclamations, crayons, graphite and mounted on white composition board. - Actual construction approx. 5" L x 5" W x 3" H and adjustable.

- 'From a Fixed Point' - (Visions like leaves in a book of hours with sketches, reproductions of paintings, and photo notes; this work was part of the 2007 group invitational exhibition for the Concord Art Association) - Digital Photos, graphite and crayon drawings, Colored Paper, interleaving shapes and sheaves - Actual construction in 3 parts, each approx. 3" H x 5" W x 7" L.

- 'Fish and Birds, Stage and Setting' - (Printed photographic views of painted wood constructions in conjunction with grids and theatrical displays).

- 'Barn' - (Exploring the agrarian world of man-made and natural shapes in drawings and digital photographs) - Actual construction approx. 3" H x 10" W x 10" L.

- 'Fresh Produce' - (Finally got outside to work, but with winter --had to bring the outside into the studio: the harvest and then the budding branches from the trees) - Colored Paper, Crayon, Graphite and digital prints - Actual construction approx. 3" H x 10" W x 10" L.

- 'Backstage' - (1971 - "Stick with the theatre --or you might end up alone in a studio with a pile of work . . . . ") - Printed photos of pen drawings originally approx. 7" x 7".

- 'Improvisation' - (Marks on rough sheaves of paper with attention to fluid arrangements of the drawn colors and the tinted papers --often overlapping. Associations deliberated and shuffled. The refraction, reflection, and cast shadows of light --in part defining --in part obscuring. The inclusiveness within the shaped transparency of thought - 2002)- Wood, oil paint, crayons, metal - Actual construction approx. 5" L x 5" W x 3" H and adjustable.

- 'Splash' - (Celebration of qualities in color material) - Wood, oil paint, crayons, metal - Actual construction approx. 5" L x 5" W x 3" H and adjustable.

- 'Drawings' (1970s) - (Evolution of line through pen, color, and metallics at the Piano Factory on Tremont Street, Boston --early 1970s) - Wood, oil paint, crayons, metal on vellum - Original drawings approx. 20" x 18".

- 'Mythic Giraffe' - approx. 8-14" x 8-16" x 1-8" - (One in a series of imaginary stories with the images/pages constructed on a bright primary colored pine wood plane) - Wood, oil paint, crayons, metal.

- 'Recapitulation . . . .

- 'Vessel' - (The Symbol Hunter - Recognition within complex relationships, this exploration through photo sketches of two ceramic vessels embellished with drawings is inspired by works of the Mimbres of America's Southwest. The two Large built Stoneware Vessels include plate drawings, ceramic shells and some fragments.) - Actual work is approx. two vessels at 18" D x 7"-10" H x adjustable dimensions within and outside of the inclusive presentation - (1992).

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

All of the 'adjustable' constructions provide opportunities for developments through relationships within and outside of the inclusive presentation with elements that can build upon or support other elements, hide or reveal, create pattern or array, provide context or question. Some are mounted on thick clear or smoked glass, pumpkin pine, or painted wood planes. Some are preserved under a clear shape of glass, but the clear and opaque sheaves of shape, images and visions can be placed within or without.

NOTE: These B&W photographic reproductions of the images are significantly smaller than the originals and not of print quality.


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