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'Next / adjust'

From 'Painted Constructions.' - (Oil on wood, pencil drawing, computer-generated graphic,
and found object, ca. 8-20" W x 12-20" L x 1-10" H -- interactive and adjustable)

NOTE: 'Next' is the second of several constructions that have evolved independently and in conjunction with large painted works and series of paintings, including: 'Book of O' - 1991 exploration in line and form, history and wonder; 'Observations' / photo sketches with crayons and pencil drawing from the environment (2000-2004); 'Getting Grounded' / nature notes drawn on narrow bands of monochromatic sheets (2002); 'Visual Poems' / crayon expressions and colored sheets overlapping in shifting views of color smudges, shape and line (late 1990s-2002); 'Improvisation' - Marks on rough sheaves of paper with attention to fluid arrangements of the drawn colors and the tinted papers --often overlapping. Associations deliberated and shuffled. The refraction, reflection, and cast shadows of light --in part defining --in part obscuring. The inclusiveness within the shaped transparency of thought (2002); 'From a Fixed Point' / visions like leaves in a book of hours with sketches, reproductions of paintings, and photo notes (work as part of the 2007 group invitational exhibition for the Concord Art Association; 'Fish and Birds, Stage and Setting' / photo views of painted wood constructions in conjunction with grids and theatrical displays; 'Barn' / exploring the agrarian world of man-made and natural shapes; 'Vessel' - The Symbol Hunter/ exploration in photo sketches of two ceramic vessels embellished with drawings inspired by works of the Mimbres and each vessel including plate drawings and ceramic shells; 'Under the Sea' / exploration of stage of painted wood construction with digital imagery including the drama of space explorer arriving at the horizon of the inner screen; 'Splash' / celebration of qualities in color; 'Mythic Giraffe' / imaginary stories on a bright primary color (wooden plate) (one in a series); 'Crate Race' / digital graphics in rich tones (one in a series); 'Transparency' / imaginary planes in line and color; 'Stories' / More to share from the Celestrial Mountains to the Desert Planes, From Grace to the Uninhibited - a series of digital drawings wondering at history.

All of the 'adjustable' constructions provide opportunities for developments in relationships within and outside of the inclusive presentation with elements that can build upon or support other elements, hide or reveal, create pattern or array, provide context or question. Some are mounted on thick clear or smoked glass, pumpkin pine, or painted wood planes. Some are preserved under a clear shape of glass, but the clear and opaque sheaves of shape, images and visions can be placed within or without. - View the Archive

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