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'In the Courtyard'

<< - (Oil on canvas, one of a series of three paintings. 18" x 21") - >>

At the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston. 1994. "There are displays of freesia, jasmine and azaleas in the spring, lilies and cineraria at Easter, chrysanthemums in the autumn and poinsettias at Christmas. Many varieties of orchids are shown throughout the year. The stone arches, columns, capitals, and inset reliefs are partly old, with examples from the Roman, Byzantine, Romanesque, Gothic, and Renaissance periods, and partly modern. In the spandrels of the Cloister arches, and in the panels above the arched windows of the upper floors, are thirty-eight circular stone medallions, caved in relief with animals and birds. These are Venetian and were employed in the embellishment of the façades of buildings from the 12th-century onward. The window frames, balconies and balustrades are also from Venetian buildings, but from the 14th-16th century . . . . " (Quotes from a Guide to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston)

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